想問一下 官網上這種歪頭筆電哪裏可以買到😂 預裝 KDE 的幾款筆電都是鏡頭在中軸線上的,但是宣傳圖上都是這種萌萌的歪頭設計😂

@SakuragawaAsaba hello, I don't understand your language but I recognized that it is KDE Slimbook laptop.

@ademalsasa Thanks for recognizing! But unfortunately it may not be - the Slimebook has a top-centered front camera. What on the picture really attracts me is the asymmetric design of the front camera. It is so unusual that it makes the whole laptop looks like to be stretched from a KDE phone (if that exists).

@SakuragawaAsaba hello, I am glad I can reach you with English! Oh I didn't pay attention to the phone, Sakura. I was looking at the KDE Plasma, of course. Thanks for informing, interesting!

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